About us

VIEW Ledger
VIEW Ledger, which was established in 2004, is a leading supplier of system solutions, financial management services and consulting services in the cloud. 

Our goal is to get customers to focus on their own value creation by securing revenues, keeping costs under control, maintaining an overview of liquidity and developing their organisation. Our role is to help our customers to succeed by giving them insight and an overview – in real time.

We use Xledger, a web-based accounting program with unique functionality, including division of labour and automated work processes. We offer our customers the possibility of outsourcing all their work to us or electing to do part of the job themselves. Whatever you choose, you will have access to relevant financial information about your enterprise at all times and wherever you are.

VIEW Ledger has 120 enthusiastic employees with different backgrounds, education, experience and expertise. Most of them have master’s degrees in business economics (‘siviløkonom’), or have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in finance and administration. Many of our employees are also authorised accountants.